Directions to the Hollywood Sign

Growing up in Los Angeles close to the Hollywood area I often dreamed about getting close to the Hollywood sign. I tried many times driving to the Hollywood sign but my efforts always failed. NEW - Hollywoodd Sign Video

I have heard rumors that the Hollywood sign is on private property and it is impossible to get close it. Through persistence and research, we were able to find a way to hike to the Hollywood sign. It is about a 40 minute hike using the Hollyridge trail. It is worth the small effort. The Hollywood sign is breathtaking once you get close to it. You will like you are part of Hollywood history.
Hollywood Sign DirectionsHollywood Sign Directions - Driving directions that lead to the Hollyridge trail. The Hollyridge trail leads to the Hollywood sign up close and personal. more
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Hollywood Sign VideoVideo - the Complete Hike - Do you want to get a preview on what your hike to the Hollywood Sign will look like? This video shows you the complete hike with directions from the bottom of the Hollyridge trail all the way up to the sign. more
Where is the Hollywood Sign?Where is the Hollywood Sign? - We often get this question. It is on Mount Lee, a few miles above the famous Hollywood Boulevard and is visible from many parts of the city including West Hollywood. more
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