Hollywood Sign Directions

Driving directions that lead to the Hollyridge trail. The Hollyridge trail leads to the Hollywood sign up close and personal. Here are step by step directions to the get to the Hollyridge trail leading you to the Hollywood Sign.

Step 1 - Franklin Ave
Drive to the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Beechwood Drive in Los Angeles. This is about 3 blocks North of the Hollywood Blvd.

Map showing the intersection of Franklin Ave and Beechwood Drive

Step 2 - Beechwood Drive
From the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Beechwood drive, drive 1.7 miles North towards the Hollywood sign on Beechwood drive. All you have to make sure is that you stay on Beechwood Drive. Do not take the bait and take another street that looks like it is towards the Hollywood sign. The only one that will take you there is Beechwood Drive.

Map showing route from Franklin Ave and Beechwood Drive to the Hollywood Sign

On your way, you will pass by the first Sunset Ranch Horse Rental sign.
Sunset Ranch Horse Rental Sign

Drive until you see the Hollyridge Trail sign.
Hollyridge Trail - Park CLosed 10:30 - 5:00AM

Park on the right side of the road. Get there early! Parking spaces are scarce.

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