Hollywood Sign Trail

Follow the Hollyridge Trail sign and walk up from the parking lot. If you keep a steady pace, you can get to the top of the trail and reach the Hollywood Sign in about 45 minutes. Be sure the bring plenty of water with you especially during the summer, since it gets very hot.
Hollywood Sign Trail

Walk until you reach another Hollyridge Trail sign. Follow the sign and go left. You have began your journey to the Hollywood sign.
Hollyridge Trail Sign with Graffiti

Continue walking. You will see beautiful scenery to your right.
Hollywood Sign Trail

On your left you will see the Hollywood sign. You are still far away from reaching it.
Hollywood Sign

Hold your nose! On the first part of the trail you will encounter lots and lots of horse poop.
Hollywood Sign Horse Poop

Pay attention! This is the most important part of the journey. The trail will split. The main road will continue straight. The trail leading to the Hollywood Sign will sharply turn left. You will be relieved, the horse poop ends here. The horses will continue going straight.
Hollywood Sign

Another angle of the split. The person in the picture is coming down. You wil be going up.
Hollywood Sign

The road will continue to curve. Just keep going up.
Hollywood Sign Trail

This is shortcut. However, it is very steep and I recommend that you stay on the main road.
Hollywood Sign Shortcut

You will once again see the Hollywood sign on your left side. However, when the road comes to a fork do not make a left, go to the right.
Hollywood Sign

Make a right when the road ends. This will seem like you are walking away from the Hollywood sign.
Hollywood Sign

A closer look at where you have to make a right. This is the last time you have to pay attention. The rest of the trail to the Hollywood sign is a no brainer, just follow the trail.
Hollywood Sign

After the fork the road will curve again. Continue going up. You are about half way there.
Hollywood Sign

There will be some cool wild plants that you will encounter on the way.
Hollywood Sign Plants

You may also encounter some wild life like this lizzard.
Hollywood Sign Lizzard

From this part of the trail, you have an amazing view of the city and the freeway.
Hollywood Sign View

On a clear day, you can see miles away.
Hollywood Sign City View

The Hollywood Sign will still be on your left, however just continue on the road upwards.
Hollywood Sign on Left Side

The views towards the last third of the way to the Hollywood Sign are breathtaking.
Hollywood Sign Breathtaking Views

You are almost at the Hollywood Sign. All you have to do is make to the other side of the hill.
Hollywood Sign Almost There

A cool tree on the way that has its roots going through the side of the mountain.
Hollywood Sign Cool Tree

The Hollywood Sign is just around the corner.
Hollywood Sign Around the Corner

When you see the fence, you have made it! You are steps away from the Hollywood Sign.
Hollywood Sign Fence

From here, you can already see the Hollywood Sign. Take a deep breath, you are bout to witness one of the most well known landmarks in the world.
Hollywood Sign Fence

This is how close legally you can get to the Hollywood Sign.
Hollywood Sign Fence

You have made it. The Hollywood Sign is here!
Hollywood Sign From Behind

The Hollywood Sign is so large that it is difficult to photograph the whole sign at once.
Hollwyood Sign From Behind

Another view of the magnificent Hollywood Sign.
Hollywood Sign From Behind

Entry to get next to the Hollywood sign is restricted.
Hollywood Sign Restricted Entry

I know what you are thinking. Who is going to catch me. Well, there are many cameras pointing towards the Hollywood Sign.
Hollywood Sign Video Cameras

There are those that cannot be stopped by cameras and are determined to reach their dreams and touch the Hollywood Sign. These pictures were sent to us anonymously.

Another picture sent to us anonymously. The sign is gigantic. You get a good sense of how large it is next to the boy standing.
Hollywood Sign